Kitten and RabbitCats and rabbits may be an unlikely pairing, but with certain pet care techniques, they can live together as roommates and even as friends. Even though the predator-prey relationship comes naturally to cats and rabbits when they’re outdoors or in the wild, how they get along inside your home will depend largely on your supervision of their early meetings, and giving them time to become comfortable with one another.

Help Your Pets Become Safely Acquainted

The temperament and nature of these animals determines how they should meet.

Bossy rabbit and small cat – Are you bringing home a big, bossy rabbit? If that’s the case, then just watch and wait for your cat and bunny to warm up to each other. Usually, you’ll see the rabbit charge up to the cat, but the cat won’t engage them. The cat will probably either not move, or will run off and hide. If the rabbit feels he or she has asserted themselves and made it clear that they are in charge, they will stop chasing the cat. Soon after, they will become buddies or at the very least, tolerate each other’s presence! Read More

Dog and woman - modern worldAs today’s society is one centered on technology and the ability to find information at the click of a button or the swipe of a screen, it is no wonder we have seen a rise in the popularity of mobile apps geared towards pet owners.

Since your pet is undoubtedly your best and most loyal friend, these apps are designed to help you make sure they are well taken care of. They vary from helping to keep track of when their shots are due or when they need to go in for a checkup, to giving you daily reminders to assist with their medicinal care.

All of the five mobile apps on our list are designed to help you, the pet owner, provide better care and be more organized when it comes to your pet’s needs. While there are many different apps out there designed to help you stay on their toes, we believe these ones offer the most benefits. Read More

catA cat’s vision is different from human vision, particularly at night when they are hunting. Cats have a wider visual field and are naturally better-equipped to detect motion and follow fast-moving objects than humans. However, their colour sense is less vivid and the images they see have a lower resolution.

Like humans, cats can develop eye problems. We look at five of the more common eye ailments in cats and how to identify them. Read More

Teenage Girl Plays With New PuppyBecoming a pet owner is a wonderful experience that will bring you a great deal of joy, love, and excitement. However, in order to help your new pet adjust to the people and surroundings in his or her life, you will need to make sure both you and your home are prepared.

While bringing a new pet home can be full of excitement and anticipation for you, it may not be as easy on your pet. Taking the below dog care tips into consideration before you bring your new furry friend home will help make the transition more pleasant for the both of you.

Unfamiliarity and newness can be tough on some dogs, which is why it is up to you to take the necessary steps to make the transition as smooth as possible! Every pet and every situation is different, so if you have any questions about the information below or would like to discuss your concerns, contact your local vet. Read More

veterinary inspection drug administration dogOur pets cannot speak our language, so we have to interpret their health and condition through their actions, or lack of them. In the case of an injury, wound, or post-surgery, you can clearly see and understand that your pet is in some pain, but to what degree? And what about if your dog has stomach ache, joint pain, or something intangible causing unexpected pain?   How do you know which is the best time to offer pain relief for dogs? Read More

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