Gray ebonite chinchilla on white background.Chinchillas are intelligent, playful, easy to care for, and friendly – all the attributes most people look for in a house pet. They come in a variety of colours and have an expected lifespan of around 20 years.

If you are considering getting a chinchilla as a pet, here are a few essential chinchilla care tips from a small animal vet that you may need to know.

Providing a home for a Pet Chinchilla

Chinchillas are part of the rodent family, and they can eat their way through a plastic carrying case in about 30 minutes! Therefore, they need a spacious wire or solid metal cage or a series of caged runs to live in. Wire bottoms above a soil tray are easier to clean than solid bottoms, but provide your pet with a tile or solid surface to stand on and a tunnel for them to hide in and rest. Read More

Two funny dogs play togetherPanorama Park, a new off-leash dog park in Surrey, BC, opened in late June with lots of fanfare, including a ribbon cutting ceremony and yummy cake for visitors.

The park is located at 12863-60th Avenue in the West Newton/Highway 10 area of Surrey, and was designed with lots of input from the neighbourhood. It features a playground, a kids’ BMX track, areas for picnicking, and a roomy, off-leash area for dogs safely enclosed by a perimeter fence. Read More

Boy with IguanaIn recent years, exotic pets have become far more common. Many people now own iguanas, lizards, snakes, and turtles, perhaps seeing them as being easier and less demanding than a cat or dog. However, these exotic pets still need a vet or reptile hospital for routine wellness checkups every year and if they ever get sick.

What are “Herps”?

Herps or herptiles are the common name for the family of creatures that include most amphibians and reptiles, excluding fish. The Greek word for herpetology actually means “creeping animal” and the term “herptile” is commonly shortened in the exotic pet world to “herp”.

Animals that come under the herps heading include frogs and toads along with snakes, lizards, turtles, iguanas, terrapins, and tortoises. Most of these animals make good pets and with a little reading up on the subject they are fairly easy to keep healthy. Read More

The girl with a parrotPet care is a serious responsibility, and becoming a bird owner should be carefully thought out before making a decision about it. Many people rush into buying birds only to realize later that they are not cut out for the world of bird ownership, or discover that a pet bird does not suit their personality or lifestyle.

How can you tell if you’re up for the job or if a bird can find a place in your home? You need to understand what is entailed in caring for a bird on a daily basis, along with some other factors you should consider before buying a bird. Read More

Stomatologic toolBecause dental disease is, by far, the most common feline health concern, cat dental care is important for early detection of a tooth, gum, or mouth problems. In fact, up to 70% of cats aged three and over have a dental problem of some kind.

Early detection can be a challenge as cats instinctively mask their pain as much as possible, which is a survival mechanism for animals. In the wild, evidence of pain or discomfort makes an animal appear vulnerable to its enemies. This is where you come in: you have to monitor your cat’s behavior diligently to ensure there isn’t anything amiss. Read More