Your key ring is loaded down with swipe-and-go rewards cards, for everywhere from the gas station to the grocery store. As technology leaps forward, many of those rewards cards are transferring over to virtual forms stored in your phone for speedy checkouts and easy-to-monitor rewards. Since your pet has neither thumbs nor a smartphone, it’s up to you to keep an eye on their rewards through the Kennedy Heights Animal and Bird Hospital app. With our PetDesk app, you can sign up for Paw Perks Rewards, which offers fantastic perks simply for taking care of your pet. 

How can I sign up for the PetDesk app?

Signing up for our PetDesk app is easy. Request a download link, or search your Apple or Android app store, for our PetDesk app. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can create your account, add your pets, and sync to our hospital. Use our personal hospital code, or simply search for Kennedy Heights Animal and Bird Hospital

How do I receive and redeem Paw Points?

Once you’re logged into our PetDesk app, scroll down to “Paw Perks Rewards,” and tap to view your rewards. You will automatically receive 250 Paw Points as a welcome gift when you first sign up, and then you’ll receive two Paw Points for every dollar spent during your pet’s visit, whether on services, medications, prevention, or other products. Once you’ve accumulated enough Paw Points—as soon as you sign up—you can redeem them for incredible rewards, simply by continuing to provide the same good care for your pet. The Paw Perks Rewards program is set up with the following benefits, so begin collecting points today:  

  • 250 points = $5 off a retail purchase
  • 400 points = $10 off your next visit
  • 500 points = One free nail trim
  • 700 points = 50% off your next office exam
  • 750 points = $20 off your next visit
  • 800 points = One free dose of flea and tick preventive
  • 1,000 points = 10% off services during your next visit
  • 1,200 points = 20% off a laser therapy package (6 visits)
  • 1,200 points = 20% off of cartrophen injection package (6 injections)
  • 1,200 points = One free office exam

Once you’ve earned enough points for your chosen reward, unlock your prize, tap “redeem,” and then schedule an appointment to use your reward. For example, you can cash in the “$10 off your next visit” reward by scheduling an appointment for your pet’s physical exam, surgery, or dental cleaning. Rewards aren’t limited to cats and dogs—they can also be redeemed on exotic pet exams, and bird nail or wing trims. 

What other benefits do I receive with the PetDesk app?

Our team is devoted to providing top-notch care to not only our patients, but also our clients. We understand the importance of communicating with you about your pet’s health, and we want to do everything we can to make it easier, more efficient, and as streamlined as possible to ensure more pets receive high quality care. To help you care for your best friend, we’ve partnered with PetDesk to create a personalized app designed to provide a host of valuable benefits for pet owners, including:

  • Reminders — Forgot what time you scheduled your pet’s next wellness visit? With our PetDesk app, you’ll receive a notification reminder of your upcoming appointment.
  • Appointment requests — Can’t make time to schedule your pet’s dental cleaning during business hours? Use our PetDesk app to schedule your pet’s appointment at your convenience.
  • Prescription refill requests — Need to refill your pet’s medication for pickup after work, but don’t have time to call? Use PetDesk to quickly request a refill.
  • Messaging — Wondering how your pet is doing after surgery? The Two-Way Messaging feature allows you to request and receive updates. 
  • Virtual care — Worried about a bump on your pet? Have they suddenly developed a cough? Send a picture, video clip, or PDF file, and our team will respond with a chat message. 
  • Loyalty program — Eager to cash in your rewards for providing quality care for your pet? Sign up for our loyalty program and reap the benefits. 

With such fantastic features in one easy-to-use app, there’s no reason not to rack up redeemable rewards for taking care of your pet. 

Need help setting up your PetDesk account? Have questions about redeeming your Paw Perks rewards? Give your Kennedy Heights Animal and Bird Hospital team a call—we’re here to answer your questions and help you rack up rewards by caring for your furry, feathered, or scaled pal.