• Jun 14 2015

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    Struvite Crystals in Cats and Urinary Disease

    Struvite urine crystals are composed of ammonium, phosphate and magnesium. The picture on the left is a struvite cyrstal under a microscope, from one of our patients. In cats, several...
  • May 03 2015

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    May is Celebrating Seniors Month

    Age is not a disease! And thanks to advances in veterinary medicine, pets are living longer than ever before. But just as women over the age of forty require more...
  • Mar 29 2015

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    Key Tips and Tricks for House Training Your Puppy

    House training your new puppy is a must, unless you want him peeing all over the place. You need to housebreak your pet and it is an essential part of...
  • Mar 22 2015

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    These Common Houseplants Pose a Serious Risk to Your Cat’s Health

    Having a house full of beautiful plants is everyone’s dream, but if you are a cat owner there are is a long list of plants that you must be sure...
  • Mar 19 2015

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    Story of the cat and needle

    Little guy Ash came in to see me and brought his family along as well! As we all know cats can not talk human otherwise he would tell me that...
  • Mar 05 2015

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    Sunny’s Story

    Meet "Sunny", an active, friendly 3 year old lovebird who arrived at our hospital with a very painful right leg. After we gave Sunny a much needed pain injection, Sunny...