• Dec 05 2016

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    Winter Hazards for Pets

    Avoid holiday food items that could cause problems for your pet. Below is a list to be aware of this holiday season. Food Onions – Onions are toxic raw or…

  • Dec 01 2016

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    Eating and Pooping Machines

    Is your rabbit an eating and pooping machine? If you answered yes, that’s a good thing! Bunnies need to eat very frequently and poop very frequently – if you notice…

  • Nov 23 2016

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    I thought we were going to the park!

    A trip to the vet isn’t what he had in mind when you said “let’s go for a car ride,” but it’s a necessity of responsible pet care. Whether it’s…

  • Nov 22 2016

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    Seed-mix: The potato chip in your bird’s diet, Part 2

    If you haven’t read Part 1, the gist of it is this: A seed-mix only diet is not adequate for your bird. If you would like to get caught up...
  • Nov 14 2016

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    Make your lap available!

    Did you know that one of the largest cat sanctuaries in North America is right in our back yard? Richmond Animal Protection Society (RAPS) has given shelter, food and care…

  • Nov 07 2016

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    Have you ever wondered…? Pt 1 Blood Collection

    Has your pet ever needed blood collection at the vet for any reason? Whether it’s blood work for safety purposes prior to an anesthetic or routine senior wellness or because…

  • Nov 02 2016

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    It’s raining cats and dogs!

    Yes, it is raining cats in dogs in the sense that we’re well into Fall here in the Lower Mainland and it’s pretty darn wet and rainy in and around…

  • Oct 28 2016

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    Who wants to go for a car ride?

    Cats, dogs, small mammals and reptiles all need to go into the car at some point (ahem, annual vet visit perhaps?) and because of this, we’ve whipped up a few…

  • Oct 27 2016

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    Spooky Woofles: Pets and Halloween

    It’s getting close to that time of year again. Can you hear the fire crackers in your neighbourhood in Surrey, Langley, Delta or wherever you live in the Lower Mainland?…

  • Oct 23 2016

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    Seed-Mix: The potato chip in your bird’s diet, Part 1

    We’ve all seen the budgies and cockatiels at the pet store huddled over their dishes of bird seed, chirping or squawking happily with one another. Now picture a gathering at...