• May 31 2017

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    Did you find a baby bird?

    Have you ever come across a wild baby bird outside of its nest? It’s fairly common during Spring to see a young bird on the ground at some point. Understandably...
  • Apr 03 2017

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    DEAR LABBY: Parasite Awareness Edition

    DEAR LABBY: My furless family is planning a trip Osoyoos this summer. I’m a bit concerned because I’ve heard that heartworm can be a problem in the interior of BC....
  • Mar 13 2017

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    Time for a sleepover?

    With Spring Break underway and plans in the making, you might be wondering: Who’s going to look after our cat? In case you didn’t know, we offer boarding services for…

  • Feb 23 2017

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    Is it bath time?

    Should you bathe your dog (or cat? hehe) every month? Every week? What’s the right answer? If you’ve ever asked that question, you’ve probably heard various advice on the matter…

  • Feb 09 2017

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    DEAR LABBY: Healthy Mouth Edition #1

    DEAR LABBY: I keep trying to show my special person how much I love her by giving her a big slurp on the face but lately she’s been turning away...
  • Jan 26 2017

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    Today’s the day! Fluffy’s coming home!

    It’s an exciting time when you’ve decided to open your home to a new k9 friend. You can’t help but think about all the fun you’ll have on your walks,...
  • Jan 18 2017

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    But she was acting normally yesterday!

    Your bird was chirping, seemed to be eating well and acting like himself yesterday but this morning you’ve found him in distress at the bottom of the cage. What happened,…

  • Jan 07 2017

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    Baby, it’s cold outside

    With this past December shattering cold weather records for the Lower Mainland of BC this year, do you know how to keep your pets safe and comfortable when the thermometer…

  • Dec 30 2016

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    New Year’s Resolutions: From your pet’s point of view

    From your dog Try a new activity with me! Sure, I love our usual walk around the block but how about we try some trails? Or that new dog park…

  • Dec 10 2016

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    I’m a Real Bird! The Story of Howie

    If you’ve come to visit us recently, odds are you’ve met our new bird, Howie. Maybe you’ve seen his special cage at the front desk in reception? Or perhaps you’ve...