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Specialized Care for Exotic Pets

While cats and dogs make wonderful pets, many people enjoy welcoming an exotic creature into their home. Exotic pets are popular for their gorgeous colors, unique species, and intriguing personalities, but they require more specialized care than your typical cat or dog. Do your research prior to purchasing an exotic pet, to ensure you have [...]

The Importance of Health Insurance for Your Pet

During your pet’s lifetime, you’ll likely encounter some costly illness, injury, or chronic condition. With high quality wellness and preventive care, pets are living longer than ever, which gives them more time to develop health issues. But, with a comprehensive health insurance plan, you won’t be alone when your beloved companion’s health care becomes a [...]

Watch Out for Worms: The Importance of Gastrointestinal Parasite Control

There’s no question about it—pets often get themselves into messy situations. But, when fecal material is involved, the situation can pose a threat not only to your furry pal, but also to you. Many intestinal parasites are zoonotic, meaning they can be passed from animals to people, and can also linger in your environment for [...]

5 Reasons Flea and Tick Prevention is Critical for Your Pet’s Health

When you think about fleas and ticks crawling on your pet, or you, you probably itch all over. In addition to being downright gross, fleas and ticks can cause a number of health problems for your pet. These little pests can transmit life-threatening diseases, cause severe allergies, and, on rare occasions, lead to paralysis. Fortunately, [...]

Your Questions Answered About Veterinary Telemedicine

Fitting a veterinary visit into your busy schedule can be tough, but making your pet wait for care is more difficult. Fortunately, Kennedy Heights Animal and Bird Hospital has a solution for jam-packed schedules—our telemedicine services. You can schedule an appointment to speak to one of our veterinarians, and show us what is concerning you [...]