Julia joined the practice in June 2005 after graduating from Stenberg College’s Veterinary Assistant program. Since joining Kennedy Heights Animal and Bird Hospital she has developed and refined the position of Exam Room Assistant and she is a vital asset in our daily appointments. She greets clients and their pets, gains some patient history and other details, and then joins the doctor during the physical exam and consultation. She then continues to work with the patient and client after the doctor has left. Julia enjoys working closely with the veterinarian during the day and getting to interact with both the clients and their pets. She continues to be an indispensable part of our team with her hard work and pleasant attitude. In her spare time, Julia likes spending time outside walking or playing in the park with her family and she also enjoys reading. She shares her home with her husband and their two children, her dogs Henry and H. Wilson Jr, her cat Darla, her guinea pigs Phyllis, Martha and Rhonda, her ball python Elliott, her hermit crabs Doug and Jamie, her leopard gecko Cassiopeia, her rose hair tarantula Akasha and a fresh water as well as a salt water fish tank.

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