When your days seem identical, especially during this pandemic, something out of the ordinary stands out. Every morning when you uncover your bird’s cage, she comes to the door to be let out. After you open the door, she always climbs to the top of the cage and sings you a melody. It’s a great way to start the day.

This morning, however, she didn’t come out and sing, so you know something is wrong, and you need to bring her to a veterinarian. But, whom can you trust to care about her as much as you do? 

Veterinary hospitals everywhere use the same word when they advertise—care. Care encompasses many aspects of a veterinary visit, such as how you are welcomed at the door, how a technician greets your pet before bringing you to an exam room, how much time the veterinarian spends helping you understand what is wrong with your pet, and what they need to get better. Veterinary hospitals are constantly demonstrating to pet owners and their pets how much they care. 

What is AAHA?

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) was founded in the 1930s to demonstrate excellence in pet care. AAHA is the only organization in the U.S. and Canada that honors veterinary hospitals by awarding accreditation to those that attain the organization’s superior standards. AAHA’s founders wanted to encourage veterinary hospitals to strive for excellence in medicine, thus elevating their level of care. In addition to accrediting veterinary hospitals, AAHA continuously develops, maintains, and audits guidelines that set the bar of gold standard care in veterinary medicine. 

Only 12% to 15% of veterinary hospitals are AAHA-accredited because, unlike human hospitals, accreditation is voluntary. Veterinary hospitals pursue AAHA accreditation to demonstrate how much they care about their patients, and how they aim to provide the highest standards of medicine. They take a hard look at their own practice, and train their team members to match their protocols and procedures to AAHA’s guidelines. AAHA-accreditation can only be achieved as a team effort, because full staff participation and a willingness to put in the hard work are required to reach AAHA’s standards of excellence. 

In addition, accreditation must be continuously maintained. Every three years, accredited veterinary hospitals are re-evaluated on the more than 900 standards that AAHA accreditation involves, including:

  • Disinfection procedures
  • Record-keeping
  • Medication inventories
  • Purpose-specific exam rooms
  • Anesthesia drug use
  • Pain management protocols 

AAHA-accredited veterinary hospitals show their superior care by investing extensive time, energy, and learning into achieving AAHA’s standards, so they can be confident that they provide the best possible care for your furry, scaled, and feathered loved ones. 

What does AAHA accreditation mean for you?

When a human family member is sick, few people simply trust the closest doctor—they look for a doctor who will listen to their concerns, and who practices the highest medical standards. Similarly, pet owners want a veterinarian who will take their concerns seriously, and provide the highest quality care to their pet. 

From the moment you walk in the door of Kennedy Heights Animal and Bird Hospital, you will see how our AAHA-accreditation separates us from the rest. Because of the training, organization, and coordination implicit with the AAHA-accreditation process, you will see first-hand our gold-standard veterinary medical care, and you and your pet will be treated as members of our hospital family. 

Kennedy Heights Animal and Bird Hospital treats exotic pets as well as companion animals, so you can trust not only your dog or cat, but also your bird, ferret, hamster, guinea pig, snake, or bearded dragon to our care. Whether your pet is undergoing their annual examination, or they are sick or injured, you want you to feel that your pet is safe in our care. The best veterinary hospitals begin by achieving AAHA accreditation, and follow by performing the highest quality of medicine. 

AAHA accreditation ensures our pet owners that when they bring their beloved pet to our hospital, they can sigh with relief that their furry, feathered, or scaled companion is being treated with love, respect, and the best veterinary care possible. 

We want to be a part of your pet’s care team. If your dog, cat, bird, or other exotic pet hasn’t seen a veterinarian in the past year, or any time you notice them acting abnormally, schedule an appointment at our AAHA-accredited hospital, and put your trust in the extra level of care our team will provide.