Shopping online for whatever you need at a moment’s notice is a wonderful convenience, especially when paired with speedy shipping. You now can not only order your groceries and other necessities online to be shipped straight to your door, but you can also do the same for your pet’s supplies. Many pet stores offer online shopping and shipping, and online pet pharmacies can fill and ship your pet’s prescription. However, not all online pet stores and pharmacies are created equal. Some have poor quality control standards, which can lead to ineffective, and sometimes harmful, medications that have been stored improperly. Other pharmacies may sell counterfeit products.


Since evaluating online pet stores and pharmacies that may not be completely transparent in their shipping and storage process, or where they receive their products from, can be difficult, you should best stick to a trusted source. Our Kennedy Heights Animal and Bird Hospital team wants you to have a safe place where you can purchase your pet’s supplies, so we’ve teamed up with myVETstore to create a customized online pet store and pharmacy. Each product is carefully selected by our veterinarians to ensure your pet receives nothing but the best products designed to promote their health, happiness, and well-being. Take advantage of all the benefits our online store has to offer in the following six ways.


#1: Shop for all your pet’s products from the comfort of home

Sometimes it’s a hassle to buckle the kids in the car, leave work on time, or run across town to pick up your pet’s products. You often do not have enough time in the business day to accomplish your task list, let alone the extra chore of picking up your pet’s necessities. But, with our online store, you can purchase your pet’s supplies from the comfort of your own home. Refill your pet’s heartworm, flea, and tick preventive during your favorite TV show’s commercial break, or order their favorite treats while you’re waiting for the oven to preheat. Shopping for all your pet’s needs in the midst of your daily household activities can be simple.


#2: Trust in the pet products purchased through myVETstore

You never know exactly what you’re going to get when you order items online. They may take months to arrive, your shirt may be three sizes smaller than it’s labeled, or you may receive the completely wrong product. Don’t let that happen to your pet’s prescriptions, food, or other supplies. Never shop at a less-than-reputable online store, and instead, choose veterinary-selected and approved products from our online store. Our veterinarians choose every product, to ensure your pet receives nothing but the best.


#3: Have your pet’s products shipped right to your front door

As you drive around town looking for your pet’s particular brand of food, you may stop in several places, only to discover all the retailers are out of stock. Rather than wasting time searching for hard-to-find pet products, or maybe your pet’s usual food, treats, or prescriptions, take advantage of the convenience of our online store. Choose delivery of items straight to your front door, or to our hospital, if you’d prefer.


#4: Purchase health care items for all your pets, not only cats and dogs

Did you know that you can purchase items for other pets in addition to the typical cat and dog? Check out our online store to see our products for birds, small rodents, and other pocket pets. We carry food, treats, grooming, and health care items specifically for these exotic pets, so you can purchase supplies for your entire pet household.


#5: Order your pet’s refills any time, day or night

Do not worry if you forget to call our hospital during business hours to place a prescription refill request—you can order refills through our online store at any time. When you’re lying there in bed thinking about your to-do list and realize you forgot to refill your pet’s prescription, you can place an order in the middle of the night and not be concerned about running out of medication.


#6: Set up auto-ship reminders for your pet’s prescriptions

Take refilling your pet’s prescriptions one step further by setting up auto-ship reminders. Although you can easily order refills at any time, our online store’s auto-ship feature means you will never be without your pet’s prescription.


Online shopping is incredibly convenient. Take advantage of Kennedy Heights Animal and Bird Hospital’s online store to purchase all your pet’s supplies from the comfort of home. Learn more about all the products we offer by contacting us.