This year has been challenging for everyone. From virtual learning to setting up your work-from-home office, you probably never seem to have enough hours in the day to get everything done. Caring for your four-legged friend is the ultimate self-care—in fact, research has shown that pets increase our overall quality of life and happiness—and you naturally want to ensure your beloved pet has everything they need to thrive and stay healthy into their grey muzzle years. From rushing to the pet store to replace your puppy’s favorite toy, to waiting weeks for your cat’s compounded medication, keeping up with your pets’ many needs can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, your Kennedy Heights Animal and Bird Hospital team has a solution. We’ve joined myVETstore, where you can one-stop shop with ease for everything you need for all things furry, scaled, and feathered, from the comfort and warmth of home. While the benefits are endless, here are our top five reasons pet parents will enjoy shopping at our customized myVETstore site. 

#1: All products are veterinary approved

Our team is dedicated to caring for your beloved companions, whether your frisky feline, feathered friend, or lazy lizard. Our hospital is proud to be the only area veterinary practice that caters to birds and exotics pets, as well as dogs and cats. We think of your pets as family, and are committed to providing them the best care. Part of our commitment is ensuring our patients have access to the best food, medication, and toys to support a long and healthy life. Our team carefully selects each product in myVETstore to ensure quality, safety, and efficacy. Rest assured that if we wouldn’t give it to our own pet, we wouldn’t prescribe it for your pet. 

#2: Ordering your pet’s food or medication refills is easy

Pet parents are not alone when it comes to forgetting their furry pal’s monthly flea preventive. With so many things to remember each day, autoship reminders ensure you never miss a medication dose or run out of your pet’s favorite treats. Once you set up your online myVETstore account, simply enroll in autoship for your preferred products. Regular reminders will notify you that your pet’s food or medication is due, and you simply confirm your auto shipment. 

#3: A wide variety of pet products is available

With more than 2,500 unique products and pet care supplies to choose from, myVETstore ensures you can access everything your pet needs for their health and wellbeing. Examples of items available online include:

  • Food for your dog, cat, or pocket pet
  • Grooming supplies
  • Prescription food and treats
  • Digestive health products
  • Monthly flea and tick prevention products
  • Litter and accessories
  • Dental health products
  • Joint health supplements
  • Vitamins
  • Toys
  • Freeze-dried and jerky treats
  • Ear-care products
  • Compounded medications

#4: You will save money on pet food

The cost of your pet’s complete and balanced quality food can add up. Fortunately, myVETstore has partnered with several pet food companies that offer amazing discounts when you sign up for the AutoOrder program. Your pet’s food will be shipped directly to your door on a regular schedule, so you never have to guess when you need to head to the store for another food bag or can.

#5: Your veterinary visits are simpler

We understand you have a lot to remember during your pet’s veterinary visits, especially if your pet has a complicated illness. Our team wants to focus solely on your pet’s health care and ensure that you have a complete understanding of each diagnostic step and treatment. MyVETstore allows you to focus on the discussion with our veterinarian, without having to remember what prescription or special diet food your pet needs. All your recommended pet supplies and medications can be ordered at your convenience, from the comfort of your home. Additionally, if your pet is prescribed a compounded medication or other difficult-to-find product, online ordering takes the guesswork out of searching for a pharmacy, and eliminates long wait times. 

Our Kennedy Heights Animal and Bird Hospital team understands the importance of saving time and money, and wants to help ensure that your pet has everything they need to live a long and healthy life. If you have any questions about registering for myVETstore, or are struggling to find a specific product or medication, call or text our office—we are here to help.