Did you find a baby bird?

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Have you ever come across a wild baby bird outside of its nest? It’s fairly common during Spring to see a young bird on the ground at some point. Understandably though, this sight can be worrisome for any good-intentioned passerby. Should you pick up the bird? Should you leave the bird? Should you put it back in its nest? What should you do? The answer is: It depends. Check out the flowchart below and if you’re still unsure, contact a local wildlife rescue/refuge such as:

BC Wildlife Rescue in Burnaby(604) 526-7275


Elizabeth Wildlife Center in Abbotsford (604) 852-9173

*You’re also welcome to call us for advice (it’s awesome that you’re doing a nice thing looking out for the best interests of that baby bird!) but please do not bring any wildlife to your local veterinary clinic. Some wildlife can carry contagious diseases that could be spread to pet birds within our clinic.

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