New Year’s Resolutions: From your pet’s point of view

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From your dog

Try a new activity with me! Sure, I love our usual walk around the block but how about we try some trails? Or that new dog park I just heard about? Maaaaaybe you could throw a Frisbee in the backyard (I’ll try not to notice you laughing when I try to catch it and it bonks me on the head).

Measure my food! This one is tough for me to admit but it’s good for my health. Those extra kibbles or treats really add-up. Even though I love my food, I want to be healthy and able to enjoy some of those new activities we’re going to try together!

Groom me daily! It doesn’t matter so much to me about appearance but I sure do love your attention so if that means brushing my coat every day then sign me up! I hear it’s good for skin but it will also help you find any lumps or bumps or anything out of the ordinary that may need to get checked out by my vet.

Brush my teeth every day! Like I said above, I don’t really care about how I look – this is more about the health of my mouth. I want to be able to eat and play with my toys without pain or discomfort. Keeping my teeth clean and healthy by brushing them daily is the best thing you can do for my mouth. If you want to feed me a dental diet or throw in a dental chew here or there, that’s a great idea too!

Keep my up to date with preventive health care! To be honest, I’d rather just go for a nice walk but I know it’s important to see my vet at least once a year to make sure I’m healthy and up-to-date with everything. Vaccines, flea prevention, deworming… It all makes my head spin! I’m just here for the treats. But, luckily I have you to take care of me and do what’s best for me.

From your cat

Play with me! I wasn’t too interested in the toy mouse or the squeaky ball but the feather thing was okay. Catnip was sure fun. Hey! Maybe we can try something else! I hear there’s lots of different toys out there and I’m sure you can find one I’ll like (or at least one I’ll enjoy watching you try to entice me into playing with).

Feed me an age-appropriate diet! The kitten’s food always looks extra tasty to me but I am 10 years old so it’s probably not what I should be eating (it probably won’t stop me from stealing a few kibbles though). My vet recommended some sort of diet when we were there last – I hope you took her advice (and I realllllllly hope it’s tuna flavoured).

Brush my fur (at your own risk) every day! Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t – I will always keep you on your toes. It does help keep me beautiful though and you know how much time I spend grooming myself so thanks for the help! If you happen to find anything weird while you’re beautifying me, let my vet know.

Brush my teeth daily! Sorry, I’m purr-laughing right now. Brushing my teeth every single day would be GREAT for the health of my mouth so if you’re up for the challenge, I’ll try my best to cooperate. I like the dental diet and I know it helps my mouth but tooth brushing really is the best. The question is, will I allow it?

Help keep me healthy! I would much rather sit basking in the sun than go to the vet every year but I know it’s good for my health. Just be warned, as soon as I see that carrier, I’ll be under the bed in no time so you’d better be fast if you want to catch me (at least it only took 30 minutes of coaxing this time). You can listen about and do all the things you need to do to keep me healthy like vaccines, flea prevention, deworming etc. I really only pay attention when the vet tells me how beautiful I am (confirming what I already know). I would never admit this any other time, but I’m pretty lucky to have you making these important choices for me.

Now tell us, what are some of your pet-related New Year’s Resolutions?

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