It’s raining cats and dogs!

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Yes, it is raining cats in dogs in the sense that we’re well into Fall here in the Lower Mainland and it’s pretty darn wet and rainy in and around our office. But we’re not going to talk about the weather in Surrey today (phew, dodged that one, eh?!). We are, however, going to talk about all of the dogs and cats in need of homes in BC.

The BCSPCA reports that they take in a jaw-dropping 28,000 dogs and cats every year. That is A LOT of pets in need of homes. There are many other organizations and rescues that take in dogs and cats and try to find homes for them as well – taking that into consideration, the number of unwanted pets each year would seem unreal.

If you want to help homeless pets in BC, there are many things you can do and here are a few examples:

  • Adopt! One of the best ways to help the homeless pet problem? Take one of those fur babies home! If a dog or a cat would make a good fit for your lifestyle, find a friend for life at one of your local rescues
  • Foster! If adoption isn’t an option right now, consider offering a temporary home for unwanted pets. Fostering gets dogs and cats out of the kennel or caged shelter environment and gives them a taste of home-life until they meet their forever family
  • Spay or Neuter your pet! This one is a pretty obvious way to help eliminate pet overpopulation.

    Donate needed items to a rescue or organization!
    Food, blankets, cleaning supplies – Check with the organization of your choice to see what sort of things they may need to help them help the animals
  • Volunteer your time! Taking one of the shelter dogs out for a walk will not only make him feel great but you’re going to feel pretty amazing about it yourself. Many rescues are often in need of volunteers to help with basic care such as cleaning and feeding, as well.
  • Support Fundraisers and Walks! Have you been to the BCPCA’s Paws for a Cause? Or SAINTS fundraiser pub night? Check out local rescues and show your support while enjoying time at the event of your choice (Burger and a beer AND you’re supporting homeless pets at the same time? Where do we sign up?!)

For a list of some pet rescues and organizations in BC, click here.

Tell us, what sort of things have you done to help homeless dogs and cats?

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