9 Tips On Transporting Your Bird To The Vet

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The first step, and sometimes most stressful, is transporting your pet to the clinic safely. Below are some tips to ensure that this step is less stressful for both you and your avian family member.

Selecting an appropriate carrier is very important for the safety of your bird:

  • A bird should never be outside of the house or in a vehicle if not properly secured in an enclosed carrier
  • Refrain from using a box, or anything that doesn’t have a secure lid as your bird may inadvertently escape while you are driving and this could be very hazardous.
  • The carrier should be small enough to fit into your vehicle and be carried by hand into the clinic easily.
  • The carrier needs to be large enough for your bird to turn around completely in
  • Provide one perch for your bird in the carrier, but remove all swinging toys and perches as these may move around during transport and cause harm to the bird.
  • Remove, or secure tightly, all food containers and empty the water dish so that it does not splash onto your bird while the car is in motion.
  • In the winter months pre-warm the car and in the summer pre-cool the car with the air conditioning but keep the bird away from all cool air drafts. (ie: open windows in the car or air vents on the dash etc)
  • Ensure the carrier is secured into the car with a seat belt and never put the carrier in the front seat because of the risk of the airbag being deployed.
  • ¾ of the cage can be covered with a sheet or towel to decrease any chance of motion sickness, however, do not cover the entire cage as the bird cannot see in the dark and may stumble and lose footing from the motion in the car. This will also enable your pet to see you and be reassured with soothing voices during the trip to our office.

If you need further information or tips for your bird, please give us a call or text us! (604) 229-4113.

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