Key Tips and Tricks for House Training Your Puppy

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House training your new puppy is a must, unless you want him peeing all over the place. You need to housebreak your pet and it is an essential part of caring for your pet properly and for a happy, clean living environment for both of you. While every puppy presents different challenges, there are several key points that will help you successfully train your puppy with minimal accidents. It is imperative that you begin the process as soon as possible, as puppies quickly develop habits and you don’t want them to establish a habit of “going” in the house. House training will take vigilance, patience, plenty of commitment, and most importantly, consistency, but it will be worth it in the end to have a well-behaved pup that doesn’t soil your carpets. Pictured is cute little Kallie who is apart of our puppy package. We will teach and discuss proper training and set you and your puppy up for success!

You Need to Understand Dog Behavior

It is important for you to recognize that dogs do not know right from wrong; they only understand “safe” and “dangerous.” Your puppy has no idea that it is bad behavior to urinate in the house on the floor and the carpet, and it is up to you to teach him that this is unacceptable behavior. However, punishing your pup after unwanted behavior will confuse the puppy and make the house training process much more difficult. While it may frustrate you that your puppy can’t seem to understand your living room carpet is not a bathroom, it is extremely important not to reprimand your pup for using it as one. This will only instill fear in him and make him believe that relieving himself is bad behavior.

These are the 10 Key Tips for House Training

In order to be successful with the house training process, take a look at the following tips before you get started. Establishing a set of rules will help you be consistent, which is extremely important:

  1. Always take your puppy outside on a leash (even in your backyard) when house training which will enable you to effectively praise your puppy within a half a second of his relieving himself.
  2. He will associate your praise with going to the bathroom – peeing, going potty, relieving himself, or whatever you like to call it – in this particular spot, which is an excellent start.
  3. Take your puppy outside frequently. Assume he can his hold his urine for about one hour per month of age, which means that at two to three month old, your puppy will not have great bladder control and so it is imperative that you take him outside often.
  4. Puppies like schedules. Feed your puppy three or four times per day at first and always at the same time. Take him outside soon after he has eaten and establish that as a schedule, too.
  5. Never scold or punish your puppy for having an accident in the house. It is not his fault and he just needs more training to catch on to what is expected.
  6. If you see him starting to urinate, quickly but quietly take him outside and allow him to finish and then praise him for going in the correct place. Watch for signals that he might have to go out by his barking, scratching at the door, or squatting.
  7. Don’t scold him for accidents or he will become afraid of relieving himself in front of you.
  8. Designate an outdoor area where he can relieve himself and take him there each time. Puppies are creatures of habit and will quickly learn where their “potty area” is if you consistantly lead them to it.
  9. Whenever your dog pees in the appropriate area, you should make it quite clear that he has done the most wonderful and glorious thing in the world and shower him with praise.
  10. Don’t limit your reward to verbal praise – pet him, or give him a treat, or take him on a little walk. Do whatever it takes! House training your puppy is all about consistency and rewarding good behavior (i.e., when he relieves himself outside!) and not reprimanding him for accidents. If you follow the tips, you should have an easy time with the house breaking process and will have an accident-free pup before long.
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