Story of the cat and needle

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Little guy Ash came in to see me and brought his family along as well! As we all know cats can not talk human otherwise he would tell me that he swallowed a needle and that it was lodged in his throat! We did not know what was wrong with him. He was weak, mellow, sleepy and sometimes would just puff with his lips. A physical exam was done and beside slight discomfort when his tummy was palpated nothing else was found! After taking his temperature we did find that he had a high fever.

Many things came into play – exposure or ingestion of a toxic plant (as his family recently had some plants that are toxic to cats), pneumonia, bacterial or viral disease etc. If he was outdoor cat we may have thought that he inhaled long stem grass in his nostril (happens a lot!). But nothing was for sure so we had to dig further. Radiographs were done and blood work as well.

The results came back from his blood work and his pancreas test and all came back essentially normal. I talked to Ash’s family and decided to extend radiographs further up involving the head of the cat and voila! – we found the needle on radiographs. After that it was easy as we knew what are we dealing with. With a little bit of sedation and help of the laryngoscopy light I was able to grab the needle with an instrument and remove it. Some antibiotics and pain killers later, Ash is running like young cats should do and already getting into trouble. – by Dr. Zoran Radnic

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