Sunny’s Story

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Meet “Sunny”, an active, friendly 3 year old lovebird who arrived at our hospital with a very painful right leg. After we gave Sunny a much needed pain injection, Sunny was placed under general anesthesia. While anesthetized, his leg was xrayed and we discovered he had broken his right tibia bone (the bone between the ankle and the knee). A tape cast was carefully applied to the leg to stabilize the break. Casts can work quite nicely to help bones mend in smaller birds.

Here is Sunny after his recovery from anesthesia with his new cast! He will need to wear it for about 2- 3 weeks at which time his leg will be re-xrayed and if all is well, he will have the cast removed. We will be checking on him weekly and patching up any bits of the cast he decides to try and remove for himself. During his recovery, he will stay in a smaller cage without perches so he can get around a little easier without creating any further injury. Sunny will also continue getting his pain medication during his recovery. – by Dr. Linda Schild

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