Veterinarian Cat FoodWith so many different options available, it’s no wonder many pet owners feel overwhelmed when choosing the right food for their cat.  Pet owners are constantly swamped with television commercials, paper advertisements and the opinions of sales people at the pet stores but which is the best cat food for your pet?  Premium food for your cat that has been recommended and/or supplied by your veterinarian is the best choice and there are many reasons why this is the case.

What Constitutes a Premium Cat Food?

Cat food in any form may satisfy hunger, but it is the nutritional content and quality of the ingredients of a pet food that defines premium cat food over the cheap products. Cats need certain ingredients in their diet such as amino acids which are essential for a strong heart and a healthy immune system. Cats cannot produce these amino acids naturally and need a diet high in protein sourced from good quality meat and fish.

Cats also need taurine which again is only found in fish, poultry and fowl. Certain vitamins and minerals should be part of any cat’s diet and too many can be as harmful as too few of these important trace elements so a premium cat food is generally best.

It is important not to be swayed by marketing into feeding your cat a diet that sounds healthy to humans. Cats need a much higher percentage of fat in their diet than humans, for example. Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for maintaining a healthy nervous system in cats as well as supporting their vision. A premium cat food will also provide the carbohydrates a cat needs for energy. Cats that are pregnant or nursing need a well-balanced veterinarian cat food to ensure the best start in life for their kittens.

The Value of Choosing a Veterinarian-Branded Cat Food

Some cat foods may be the equivalent of junk food to humans, attractively marketed in pretty packaging but full of empty calories. Eating fast food every day, three times a day may keep you alive but it is certainly not the healthiest choice for you – and this is the same for your cat!  What about the appearance of cat foods?  Many brands appear to be very similar – so what makes one company better than another?  Well, first the source and quality of ingredients can make all the difference in making one company stand apart from another.  This is when being familiar with the pet food companies themselves may come in handy.  Does the company use ingredients that are found locally?  Do they process their products in Canada or out of country? Knowing how to assess how good your cat food choice is can be determined by discussing all of these things with your veterinarian.  Another benefit of choosing a premium cat food from your veterinarian is the science behind the nutrition.  Did you know your veterinarian can call the premium companies directly and receive information about a specific diet quickly and efficiently? Veterinary diets are typically guaranteed and can be exchanged for another diet should the situation arise.

A lot of pet owners believe that merely reading the labels on the different pet foods will ensure that they make the correct choice for their cat.  Let’s face it, labels, can be deceiving.  If a nutritional label was placed on a piece of old leather, for example, it would appear to have similar nutritional levels to some pet foods.And it is obvious that your pet cat could not survive on a piece of old leather!  In short, it’s best to speak with a professional about quality, premium cat foods to alleviate the confusion that pet food labels, advertisements and pet store associates can cause.

Choosing a veterinarian cat food that is recommended or provided by your local cat specialist is one sure way to have peace of mind that you are feeding your pet the best possible diet. Talk to your veterinarian about the different premium cat food options – you will be rewarded with a healthy, happy pet.

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