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We Provide Complete Dental Care for Dogs

Ozzy, a jack russel terrier, is in to see Dr. Schild to have his teeth cleaned.

Dental care for dogs is one of the most overlooked aspects of pet health care, and taking care of your canine’s teeth is actually more important than most pet owners realize. In fact, keeping his teeth pearly white isn’t just to make him look good but also because the condition of his teeth can affect his overall health.

At the Kennedy Heights Animal & Bird Hospital, we recommend brushing your dogs teeth regularly , healthy diet and regular dog teeth cleaning, a healthy diet,  all of which can go a long way in maintaining healthy teeth and gums of your beloved pet.

Cause of Dental and Gum disease

The cause is the same as in people. Dental plaque builds up on the teeth and underneath the gum line and infection results not only in the gums but also in the bone that holds the teeth in the jaw.

Before and after Ozzy’s teeth cleaning.

Hard dental tartar (calculus) from the minerals in the saliva builds on top of the plaque. The dental tartar is difficult to remove, and requires dental instruments, particularly the crucial portion under the gum line.

Watch Out for Signs of Dental Trouble

It’s important that your dog has annual checkups, including an  dental examination but if you find any of the following signs, you should bring him in sooner for an examination including a dental evaluation. 

  • Bad Breath– Bad breath is the number one sign of a dental problem. However, this is most often only the tip of the iceberg.
  • Red, and Irritated Gums – This leads to bleeding of the gums and mouth pain, and your dog may eat less, drop food from his mouth or stat to prefer soft to dry food.
  • Loose Teeth– The roots of the teeth may become so severely affected that some teeth may become loose and fall out.
  • Change in Activity, Attitude – Bacteria surrounding the roots get into the bloodstream and can cause damage to kidneys, liver and heart muscle.

Undertake These Steps for the Dental Health of Your Pet

Regular dog teeth cleaning is the first step in preventing any kind of dental disease. as long as the surfaces of the teeth are cleaned frequently, the gums stay healthy.

The gold standard for preventing dental disease in dogs is daily brushing. When you visit our animal hospital, ask for a canine tooth-brushing kit. This is a toothbrush and flavoured toothpaste (beef, chicken, malt etc) especially designed for dogs. Don’t use human toothpaste, it is not designed to be swallowed and can upset your dogs stomach.

Special dental tartar prevention diets are also available and recommended, such as  Medi-cal Dental Diet and Hills T/D.

Dog teeth cleaning is important to treat and prevent  these painful conditions. Once safely anesthetized, your dog’s teeth will be cleaned, thoroughly examined and then all surfaces of each tooth are cleaned probed with dental instruments under the gum line to check for infections and cavities. UNDER the gum line is where the problems lie! Simply cleaning the surfaces of the teeth is cosmetic and is only addressing the “tip of the ice berg”.

Once problem teeth are identified through careful probing, your dog’s teeth are x-rayed to detect the extent of any infection in the bone or abscesses and an informed decision regarding extraction or other treatments is made. In addition to the anesthetic, we use nerve blocks (freezing the same as the dentist does) to reduce pain and the amount of general anesthetic required.  Finally, your dog’s teeth are polished and pain medications are given prior to recovery.

Once the teeth are gums are restored to a healthy condition, daily brushing and feeding of a prescription dental diet will help keep your dog’s mouth in good shape.

Our animal hospital can provide good dental care for your dog. Apart from giving your dog a regular dental checkup and the dog teeth cleaning that he needs, we’ll also give you advice on what chew toys are ideal for him. You can count on us to formulate a healthy diet, too, that will promote stronger teeth and gums.

For more information about dental care for dogs, don’t hesitate to call us at 604-591-5304.

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