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Cat Teeth Cleaning Is part of our Cat Dentistry Services

According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, about 75 percent of cats over the age of five are badly in need of dental care and teeth cleaning. That’s because dental diseases are overlooked and not given the necessary attention.  At the Kennedy Heights Animal Hospital, we are dedicated to providing quality dental care for your cat.

How Can You Tell if Your Cat is in Need of Dental Services?

It can be difficult to know when your cat is in need of dental care because of a cat’s innate ability to hide pain and discomfort. In other words, kitty might be in a lot of pain, and you are simply unaware of the fact. It is a common misconception that a cat will stop eating if having dental pain. In fact, the instinct to eat is so strong that most cats continue to eat even through the worst dental problems. Your cat may have bad breath, may start to prefer canned food over dry but will likely keep eating.

The only way to know for sure if your cat has dental disease is to have a veterinarian do a comprehensive oral examination. At the Kennedy Heights Animal & Bird Hospital, a comprehensive oral inspection of your cat’s teeth is included in his annual physical examination. We check for periodontal disease (the most common disease occurring in dogs and cats) tartar, red gums, cavities, and oral tumors.

Dental Health Problems that We Treat 

  • Periodontal Disease – the most common disease in cats, refers to plaque and tartar build up under the gum line that leads to gingivitis (red and sore gums) and tooth infections. Periodontal disease in cats can also lead to infection in the blood that can cause damage to the heart and other organs.
  • Cavities – Three out of four cats over the age of five experience painful cavities. Unlike people, in cats cavities occur most commonly at or underneath the gum line and can affect the roots of the tooth, causing red gums, infection and pain.
  • Tooth Fractures – The canine tooth (the fang) is probably the most common tooth fractured (broken)in cats. The pulp, or the blood supply and nerve of the tooth, extends to the very tip of the canine tooth, which is why, even if only the tip is affected, serious infections in the tooth root can still result.

Cat teeth cleaning is important to treat and prevent these painful conditions. Once safely anesthetized, your cat’s teeth will be cleaned, thoroughly examined and then all surfaces of each tooth are cleaned probed with dental instruments under the gum line to check for infections and cavities. UNDER the gum line is where the problems lie! Simply cleaning the surfaces of the teeth is cosmetic and is only addressing the “tip of the iceberg”.

Once problem teeth are identified through careful probing, your cats teeth are xrayed to detect the extent of any cavities or abscesses and an informed decision regarding extraction or other treatments is made. In addition to the anesthetic, we use nerve blocks (freezing the same as the dentist does) to reduce pain and the amount of general anesthetic required.  Finally, your cats teeth are polished and pain medications are given prior to recovery.

Although you won’t see your cat squirming with pain or discomfort, dental problems can still make your cat’s life miserable. This is why cat teeth cleaning and dental care is important to maintain your cats comfort and quality of life.

Learn more about cat dental health care and cat teeth cleaning by visiting us at the Kennedy Heights Animal & Bird Hospital at 8614 120th Street, Surrey (BC) V3W 3N6; or calling us at (604) 591-5304.

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